Porsche clubs are celebrating their 70th anniversary with special upcoming ৷

It is clear that the history of Porsche goes back a long way, but the love for Porsche is almost as deep.

In 86 countries worldwide, about one-fourth of the population attends 700 Porsche clubs, and the history of the Porsche club goes back 70 years. The first Porsche club was founded on May 26, 1952, two years after the first Porsche was distributed in Germany. Originally known as Westfälischer Porsche Club Hohensyburg, the club is now known as Porsche Club Westfalen. Outside of Germany, the first international Porsche club came in 1953 and the world’s largest Porsche club, the Porsche Club of America, was founded in 1955.

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As an independent and primarily voluntary organization, Porsche clubs are built entirely for the love shared among the people towards Porsche and together, all kinds of different events, drives, shows and other functions take place all over the world. Von Hunstein is involved with Ferry Porsche and Racing Director Fritz Hush as the founders of the first Porsche club. Wolfgang Porsche is still attending the event today Whether it’s a classic or modern Porsche, a sedan, sports car, SUV, or even an electric Porsche, over 70 years have passed and the global love for the Porsche brand has grown stronger. To celebrate this anniversary, Porsche is bringing a series of contacts and events under the banner of “Enduring Passion”, celebrating and supporting Porsche clubs and their events around the world.

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