Porsche Carrera GT Fire Red for sale

Imagine that you are the collector of the best automobiles and have almost everything in your collection.

However, you miss some Germans, probably on a Porsche … but not just on a Porsche. The missing piece of your puzzle will happen to one that is logically made on the largest water-cooled mid-engine Porsche, the Carrera GT.

That being said, there is a huge reason to add one to your collection. Notorious for being extremely dangerous and feared by many reputable automotive journalists, the Carrera GT is a naturally high-revolving V10 combined with a manual 6-speed manual wrapped in a carbon fiber monocoque chassis. Pushing more than 600 horsepower on the rear wheels, this car still keeps pace with most of today’s supercars.

However, just getting one is not enough for you …

You were not able to return a new order in 2005. Or you haven’t been able to order it from any of the automotive manufacturers in any of today’s color spectrum. In fact, if you could do that, you would order it to match the LaFerrari in the corner of your collection.

Race gt 3

It’s ‘What should you do?’ Logically, you have made a purchase and now do for yourself what the owner of this particular CGT did.

Attracted to the Rosso Fuoco color from his LaFerrari, the owner of this original black Carrera GT completely relaunched this exact car. A team of Carrera GT experts in Carousel, Pennsylvania, completely dumped the car in the tub.

Fitted with the last OEM windshield from Porsche, everything in this CGT and everything that needed to be replaced / care, this reconstruction / sympathetic recovery in six figures in total.

Available exclusively through the Dupont Registry, this one-off creation is looking for a new home and something really special for the fine vehicle collector.

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