Porsche 2022 Porsche brings a special Taycan 4S Cross Tourismo to Europe

The electrified Taycan will be the taxi for the leader of the tournament every day.

Porsche’s winning attitude follows closely from the race track to the golf course, as the German automobile manufacturer continues its role as the main sponsor of the professional golf tour. Golfers are training for the upcoming 2022 European Open at Porsche, the brand is also preparing for a world-famous event with a special Porsche Taycan 4S Sport Turismo. The Head-Turning Porsche Tycoon has a vibrant design that blends pink, blue and green to pay homage to the iconic landscape of Winsen (Luhe) in Germany.

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The electrified Porsche Taycan 4S Sport Turismo will serve as an overnight leader’s ride on the Green Eagle Golf Course, with entrepreneur Fleming Pink as the main driver behind the wheel. The Taycan 4S Cross Turismo generates more than 522-horsepower from its state-of-the-art electric powertrain, with plenty of cabins and storage space for the 2022 Porsche European Open leader golf clubs. Check out the current Porsche Tycoon models for sale at the Dupont Registry by clicking the link below. Check back in the Dupont Registry for more upcoming Lifestyle releases and Porsche news.

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