Polyester has announced its first SUV, the new Polyester 3 will premiere in October

Polyester’s new offer will be an electric performance SUV.

With the Scandinavian sensibility building electric cars, Polyester has created waves in the automotive world, and with the announcement of its new car, which will premiere this October, the brand plans to create waves in today’s most competitive segment of the car market: the SUV segment. The Polyester 3 will be an electric performance SUV that is planned to have a dual-motor drivetrain with LiDAR-powered autonomous highway piloting, NVIDIA computing power and a large battery, providing a targeted 372 mile driving range.

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As soon as it premieres in October, Polyester says the initial launch market order will open on the day of the premiere. After that, production in the United States and China will begin in early 2023. The launch of Polyester 3 is the catalyst for Polyester’s plans to launch a new car every year for the next 3 years, with the goal of increasing its presence in 30 world markets and increasing sales tenfold by the end of next year. From 29,000 in 2021 to 290,000 in 2025 With the release of the first picture of a disguised polyester 3, we are witnessing the beginning of a new era in the world of automotive.

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