Polyester 2 BST version 270 unveiled, canceled for Australia

After a change a positive response Polyester 2 Appearing at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the electric car maker unveiled a limited-edition model with more power and improved handling.

Polyester 2 BST version 270, as it is known, does not seem likely to land on our coast, the company said, adding that it will be built “exclusively for Europe, North America and China”.

Only 270 instances of BST version 270 will be made and the first delivery is expected to start in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Each of these limited-edition vehicles has a two-motor all-wheel drive system 350 kW And 680Nm.

It has the same power and torque as the Polyester 2 long range model after upgrading through the $ 1600 software update.

Polyester claims that the BST version 270 handles better for its 25mm lower suspension, 20 percent stiffer shock absorber and front strut bar.

The car is also fitted with Öhlins two-way adjustable damper, which features auxiliary adjustment chambers under the bonnet.

New Matte Black 21-inch Alloy Wheel Shade with 245/35 Pirelli P Zero Rubber. The power to stop comes from the four-pot brambo brake.

Externally the BST version 270 differs from other polyester 2s by its glossy black wing mirrors and full body-color bumper and side skirt.

Paint options are limited to white and gray, but buyers can choose a matte black stripe, as well as a satin gray body wrap.

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