Polestar 4, McLaren SUV, Microlino electric car: Today’s car news

Polyester will unveil the Polyester 3 SUV later this year but it is only one of two SUVs that the Swedish Electric Performance brand is working on. The other is a coupe-like offer called Polyester 4, which we will see for the first time in 2023.

McLaren could eventually come close to the idea of ​​offering an SUV. The word on the road is that McLaren will launch an electric SUV before the end of the decade, which would not be surprising considering all its competitors either have already offered an SUV or are working on one.

A Swiss company called Micro has developed an electric car whose design has been strongly influenced by the iconic Iseta – right up to the front door. First released in 2016, Micro’s new electric car is now ready to start delivery

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