Peugeot 408: The new coupe SUV will make its debut at the end of June

A new model, will be known as Peugeot 408Lion will join the brand range and blur the distinction between crossovers and liftbacks.

Overnight Peugeot announced the new car “combines the SUV’s feature codes with a dynamic fastback silhouette”, and released a teaser showing the 408’s grille and badge.

Our detective photography agency photographed this car a few weeks ago.

Although most of the styling details of the highly disguised development vehicle were hidden away from the car, we can easily see its crossover coupe silhouette and raised body quite easily.

Peugeot says the 408 will be unveiled “at the end of June 2022”.

When it is sold, it will complicate the naming structure of Peugeot, which now looks at a traditional car style named x08, where x is a number that indicates the size of the car.

Crossover vehicles currently adhere to the x008 naming scheme, whereas x is a number that specifies the size of the vehicle.

Not only does the new 408 differentiate between traditional and crossover badges, but Peugeot already sells a model with 408 badges: a sedan based on the previous generation 308 in the Chinese market.

Peugeot Stellantis is not the first Stable brand to blur the line between crossover and traditional body design, with the latest Citroen C4 featuring a fastback body with high ride height and prominent wheel arch protectors.

We believe that the new 408 Stellantis will be built based on the EMP2 platform, and has many similarities with the 308 hatch and wagon, as well as the Opel Astra and many more.

The company says that while the 408 is designed for “high efficiency”, it will probably be offered with the same plug-in hybrid drivetrain as the 308 and Astra.

The PHEV system of this vehicle combines an 81kW electric motor with a 1.6-liter turbo engine producing 110kW or 132kW.

The on-board 12.4kWh battery pack is considered good for about 60km of emission-free driving according to WLTP standards.

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