Petersen Automotive Museum’s new exhibition celebrates McLaren’s racing

The Petersen Automotive Museum celebrates the fruits of McLaren’s labor, especially papaya.

Throughout the history of motorsport, the British brand McLaren has become a household name on roads and tracks, but its roots are firmly planted in the racetrack, and McLaren’s race cars are the pinnacle of the brand’s power and effort. Which informs and guides the brand today. With an incredible lineup of supercars, and with the status of the second most successful F1 team, McLaren’s race cars deserve quite a bit of celebration.

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The Petersen Automotive Museum is celebrating McLaren’s racing history with a special exhibition dedicated to the McLaren race car that will open to the public on June 18. It’s called “The Color of Success: McLaren’s Papaya Lever,” and it focuses on the famous orange color that has adorned McLaren race cars for decades. It will be held on the second floor of the museum at the Charles Nearberg Family Gallery, and will feature McLaren race cars covering almost the entire history of the brand, from the 1967 McLaren M6A, the first car to feature papaya lever, the 2018 McLaren MCL33 Formula 1 race car. One of the most exciting cars on display is the only 3 McLaren M6 GT, a model that was McLaren’s first road car before Bruce McLaren’s death in 1970. Although Bruce McLaren never saw the M6 ​​GT on the road, the Legacy 7 He will undoubtedly be proud of the brand he has created and this show shows how much McLaren has achieved.

Source: Petersen Automotive Museum

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