Audi Benefits: Used car servicing and warranty pack debut

Audi Wants to “envy the Australian premium market” with service and warranty packs for eight-year-old cars.

New Audi Advantage The program allows owners to extend their cap-price servicing, warranty, and roadside assistance beyond the current five-year offer. Transferable between package owners.

The packages allow new Audi buyers to extend their warranty from five to nine years at the time of purchase.

Packages can be applied to any current Audi (excluding e-Tron model) under the age of eight, which has traveled less than 120,000 kilometers and has a full service history.

Vehicles must pass an 115-point inspection at an Audi service center before being approved.

In other words, if you want to buy a 2014 RS4 that passes the 120,000km Audi inspection on the watch, the package will offer a warranty and cover servicing costs for two years from the time of purchase or until the car reaches 150,000km. .

Fellow Volkswagen Group member Skoda made an offer Similar options for used car buyers.

“We want to provide not only a program that gives our owners full confidence in their car for an extended period of time, but also one that protects the value of their investment, if they decide to trade-up with a new model in the future,” he said. Audi Australia’s outgoing director, Paul Sansom.

The cost of the two-year package for the Audi range is listed at the end of this story.

In addition to the new service and warranty packs, Audi says all of its approved Plus used cars now have a minimum of two years of servicing, warranty and roadside assistance.

This can be extended with the purchase of back-to-back Advantage packages, which can extend that coverage up to 10 years.

“We believe Audi is approved: the Plus program is the most widely certified pre-owned offer on the Australian market,” said Mr Sunsom.

“At a time when the price of pre-owned vehicles is just as high across the market, we believe that the Audi Approved: Plus program puts our owners in the best possible position to maintain the value of their investment.”

Audi Advantage Price (two year package)

BMW XM Plug-in Super-SUV Reveals Spying Towards the End of 2022

BMW MIts first choice SUV model, bold look XM The plug-in hybrid (PHEV) has been spied on again before it was released worldwide later this year.

Set as the BMW M’s first electrified vehicle, the XM will use a “newly-developed” V8 engine Has been combined with one Electric peaWith claimed system output 480kW Of power and 800Nm Of torque

As previously reported, it is 70kW and less than 200Nm which BMW claims made the Concept XM. The idea was unveiled at the Art Basel 2021 Miami Beach Show.

The road-going model will go into production at BMW’s Spartanburg, South Carolina plant by the end of 2022.

It’s not clear if BMW is leaving room for a more powerful version of the XM in the future that could produce near-concept outputs, or if the XM production was never intended to be so powerful.

BMW still claims that the XM’s all-electric range is up to 80km, according to WLTP testing.

Details surrounding the Bavarian Automaker XM’s high-voltage battery capacity, 0-100km / h sprint time, maximum speed and efficiency ratings remain tight.

The XM has a hybrid-specific M xDrive all-wheel drive system with an electronic rear differential lock on the rear axle transmission.

As standard the XM M will come with adaptive suspension and a model-specific M braking system, while alloy wheels up to 23 inches will be available.

For the first time in a BMW M car, the XM will have an electromechanical roll stabilizing system powered by a 48V electric system, as well as rear-axle steering that aids in low-speed cornering and high-speed driving stability.

This particular BMW XM Speed ​​prototype wears the typical black-and-white camouflage we’ve seen before, but we get to see the signature double-kidney grille and front bumper detail more clearly.

The prototype has a black-out grille with a horizontal slat and no badging, as well as several creases and vents on the front bumper.

One of these vents, especially on the outside of the front bumper, seems to be blowing air into the front wheel arch to cool the brakes.

Although the rest of the prototype of this espionage seems to have been seen before, we recently reported on an XM model that did nothing but disguise. This particular model was finished in gray and had gold-finish trim around the grille and on the beltline.

The concept XM also features a side trim piece in the beltline, but it was finished in black and used to separate the two paint finishes on the outside.

We also got a glimpse inside this special XM that shows the steering wheel, center console and gear shifter.

Concept XM’s other recent BMW products had a dashboard design in the vein, featuring a digital instrument cluster with a “BMW curved display” and a central touchscreen in a housing.

It remains to be seen whether the production version of the XM will feature exotic vintage-look brown leather and quilted velvet upholstery, deep-carpeted carpeting and illuminated headliners.

Although BMW sells M versions of its X3, X4, X5 and X6 SUVs, the XM will only be available as a BMW M division product where “regular” versions are not available.

At this stage, XM’s primary focus is on the US market, although it is on the minds of the local segment.

A BMW Australia spokesperson stated in November 2021, “The BMW M brand and the BMW X range are significant for Australia – one in five BMWs sold here wear the M badge and BMW X vehicles represent more than 60 per cent of our total sales.”

“With that in mind, the BMW Concept XM has an immediate appeal to our market. If the production model is made available to us, we will definitely offer it to our customers. ”

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EV Network has installed EV Fast Charger in the shopping center

EV Networks Roll out the fast charging station to the electric vehicle across AMP Capital The whole network of shopping centers.

It will have fast chargers in 14 shopping centers in Australia and two in New Zealand. These include large retail complexes such as the Indoropili Center in Queensland and the Pacific Fair and the Macquarie Center in New South Wales.

Five shopping centers already have charging stations, and AMP Capital said the rollout would end by July 2022.

As electric vehicles become more common in Australia, EV networks will install two fast-charging stations in each shopping center, with more installation options.

The company says its chargers are powered by 100 percent renewable energy and can add a range of 150 kilometers per 30 minutes, with a charge of 40 cents per kilowatt hour.

This indicates that AMP Capital will install a 50kW DC charger.

“Buyers have different needs, so whether they just grab something or collect it by clicking and want to disclose their car charges, this is a great option,” said Marco Atore, head of retail and investment at AMP Capital.

“Of course, long-term charging also plays an important role in the customer experience for visitors who have a few hours to shop and charge.

“AMP Capital is partnering with industry experts in the EV space to prove the future of our assets, as well as ensuring that our customers have the best experience to meet the community’s expectations for charging solutions.”

“Partnering with a large asset management team like AMP Capital is fully aligned with our own company’s mission to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in Australia,” said Chris Mills, CEO of EV Network.

“Being able to take advantage of AMP Capital’s strong relationships with their communities across Australia and New Zealand enables us to maximize network reach and create real destination charging spaces for both our customers and us.”

Evie Networks is supported by a 100 million commitment from the St. Baker Energy Innovation Fund and a .8 23.85 million grant from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA).

The previous Morrison Liberal government announced last year that it would partially fund a rollout of 403 privately operated EV fast charging stations, with $ 24.55 million coming from future fuel funds.

Successful grant applications include Evie, Ampol, Engie, Chargefox, and Electric Highways Tasmania.

Evie Networks is working with another Australian company – Tritium, which makes DC chargers – to launch 158 charging stations across eight states and territories in Australia. Each site will have a minimum of two chargers.

The company said the expanded network would ensure that no one in Metropolitan Australia would be more than 5 kilometers away from a fast charger.

Outside of the shopping center, EV Networks has partnered with Hungry Jack to install a charging station in the Cabramata franchise of Sydney’s fast-food chain.

The 2023 Honda CR-V interior was unveiled before its July 12 launch

Honda It showed the interior of the sixth generation CR-V Before full disclosure July 12.

It has already teased the front and rear edges of its medium-sized SUV, and images have already leaked from China.

Following the new CR-V Civic offers a dashboard with clean lines and a distinctive, honeycomb-patterned insertion from the steering wheel to the passenger door that disguises air vents.

Looks like a complete digital instrument cluster, with a view simulating analog gauge. The Civic offers a 10.25-inch digital display abroad.

Touchscreen is great for infotainment systems. The current model now has a fairly small 7.0-inch screen, where the new Civic is sold here with a 9.0-inch unit.

Honda says it will soon roll out vehicles with embedded Android Automotive, though it’s not clear if the CR-V will be the recipient.

The CR-V’s now tablet-style screen sits much higher than the current car screen, and the shifter has been moved further down.

The next change makes the CR-V’s dashboard look more like a car (and less like an MPV).

The featured model offers orange accent stitching on shifters, seats and steering wheels, with striking metal-look inserts on dash and doors.

Other features present include a heated steering wheel, heated seats and heel descent control.

The smaller North American HR-V is expected to be sold in markets such as Australia and Europe as the ZR-V, with an indisputably sporty-looking center console with similar interior design.

Hope the next generation Accord will follow the language of this new, clean design.

Similarly, the CR-V’s previous teaser and leaked images show that its exterior design has a clearer, crisper style.

The CR-V’s trademark high-mounted tail lights remain, but there is a flat surface and a sharp shoulder line that runs along the length of the vehicle.

It looks like Honda could offer a sportier-looking variant, as shown in the previous teaser, a CR-V with a black-out grille.

It’s even bigger – the new CR-V in China is 4703mm long, 1866mm wide, 1690mm long and mounted on a 2700mm wheelbase.

This means it has a wheelbase 68mm long, 11mm wide, 11mm long, and 40mm longer than the current car.

For the Chinese market, the new CR-V will be available with five or seven seats, and we expect the same in the case of the local model. – Sitter role for now.

With a longer wheelbase, the new CR-V could offer a wider third row. The third row of current cars, like rivals like the Nissan X-Trail, is best reserved for occasional use by small children.

A leaked Chinese government filing reveals that the CR-V will deliver a turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder petrol engine that will produce 142kW of power.

It combines a continuous-variable transmission and front- or all-wheel drive.

Honda has confirmed that the CR-V will offer a hybrid, as does the outgoing model currently in markets such as Europe and the United States.

The company has previously confirmed that all new models launched locally will have an alternative to the hybrid powertrain.

The outgoing CR-V Hybrid (not sold in Australia) features a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with a total system output of 158kW and 315Nm.

A plug-in hybrid is a possibility, as Honda recently launched the CR-V in China.

With the increase in CR-V size, this leaves some space for the third SUV model for the local line-up.

Honda Australia has confirmed that one will arrive in the next 12-18 months and it will offer a hybrid option.

It is almost certain to be the North American HR-V (aka ZR-V), which will slot between the ‘Global’ HR-V and CR-V sold here.

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2023 Toyota RAV4 update previewed in Europe

Wondering how to update Toyota RAV4 Looking back at the end of 2022? The new picture from Europe has taken the veil.

The powerful-selling mid-size SUV has launched a 10.5-inch touchscreen infotainment system in Europe, complete with wireless Apple CarPlay (and wired Android Auto). As before, the screen dash sits proudly.

Also a new Smart Voice Assistant for 2023, which allows drivers or passengers to change the radio, or climate, or close the windows, say ‘Hey Toyota’ and tell the car what they want.

Drivers in Europe have been confronted with a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster, capable of displaying maps instead of the 7.0-inch trip computer currently offered on range-topping RAV4 models in Australia.

The updates reflect developments in Europe’s Corolla hatchbacks and predict what we expect for Australia.

In Australia, entry-level RAV4 models are likely to retain their 8.0-inch touchscreen, while range-topping models will pick up updated technology from Europe.

Toyota Australia has not confirmed the makeup of its new RAV4 range, but has confirmed that its powerful-selling medium-sized SUV will receive “the latest generation multimedia system across a wide range that includes USB-C connectivity and Toyota connectivity services.” .

With its updated interior, the 2023 RAV4 will achieve a fresh range of active security features.

The vehicle will receive emergency steering assistance (which helps panicked drivers to steer around obstacles to avoid accidents) and intersection pre-collision safety (which prepares the vehicle if it detects an impending accident coming out of an intersection).

The RAV4 was given a facelift for 2022, with new lights and minor changes to the styling. But the interior was largely untouched.

Despite pushing the waiting period for some variants to 18 months, despite supply constraints, the RAV4 is the best-selling medium-sized SUV in Australia, with 17,787 sold so far in 2022.

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Gearbox: Yenco Look of SVE

Filling the gap between off-road capability and track-like performance, specialty vehicle engineering professionals focus on providing modern-day construction with the iconic Yenco name. This week’s Gearbox Special is built around the versatility and functionality of the 2022 850HP Yenco Silverrado Off-Road, featuring luxurious apparel and accessories that fit perfectly with the super truck. Buy all products and accessories featured in this specialty by clicking on the links below

2022 850HP Yenco Silverado off-road

2022 850hp Silv or bg5
Specialized vehicle engineering

Now, in the spirit of the legendary Yenco Camaros, has launched Specialty Vehicle Engineering 2022 850HP Yenco / SC: Silverado off-road with 4 ″ front and rear. Only available in 2022 Crew Cab and Double Cab models with 8-speed transmission, short bed or standard bed and only available from your GM dealer. With a 850HP Supercharged 378 cid (6.2L) powerplant *, they go fast … literally!

Ask for a price

Ulysses Nardin diver chronograph 44 mm

Swiss watch

The diver chronograph presents the ultimate performance backup, 300 meters water resistance, wrist stability, and simplifies time tracking and measurement. Each Ulysses Nordin timepiece case is numbered side by side individually. The diver’s chronograph is presented on a rubber strap with titanium material and a titanium pin strap.

Price: 12,600

Black Japanese Cotton Satin Field Shirt

Buck Mason
Buck Mason

Classic field shirt cut from Japan-milled 9.2 oz. Sateen cotton with a soft brush back. Details include button-through cuffs and a button front closure. Garment wash for a live-in feeling.

Price: $ 175

Wrangler Explorer Graphic T.


In front of a cool cotton tee with a colorful, vintage-inspired Wrangler graphic no-nonsense appeal. T-shirt that proves that it can withstand any adventure or off-road travel.

Price: 30

APC chalk pants

APC Green

Celebrate Automobile Lamborghini’s rich motorsport tradition with this premium graph t-shirt made of 100% cotton. With a simple and clean look, the T-shirt proudly presents the Automobile Lamborghini logo and its founding year with a 3D two-tone rubberized effect.

Price: $ 265

On-Running CloudVenture Sneakers


CloudVenture’s softest top so far is not only lightweight, it’s breathable, highly durable, and about 80% of the polyester used is recyclable. Perfect ventilation and long lasting fit guarantee for maximum safety and comfort. The wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportion.

Price: $ 149.99

Carrera Gradient Oversize Rectangular Sunglasses


A bold flat-top design gives a pair of full-coverage rectangular Carrera gradient oversized sunglasses a contemporary cool edge.

Price: $ 175

LLBIN Kathadin Trucker Hat

LL Bin
LL Bin

The best tracker hat of all time, designed for a comfortable fit and featuring the design of the LLBean original Mount Katahdin artwork you won’t find anywhere else.

Price: .9 24.95

Dango A10 Elements Special Edition Wallet


The A10 Elements Special Edition Carbon Fiber A10 Adapter introduces a technical and sporty look to the wallet. Lightweight, integrated genuine carbon fiber and steel substrate backplate provide power and make this wallet secure RFID provides a high premium feel that is unmatched by anything on the market. This special edition is equipped with a removable jet black leather dango pool pocket adapter that allows you to hold up to 4 cards in your A10 wallet and features a pool tab for easy access to your cards. The vertical orientation fits snugly in the hand when accessing cards with the Pool tab.

Price: 119

Bellero Venture Backpack 22L


Thoughtfully designed for your work commute, the chameleon is well organized and designed with adventure in mind.

Price: $ 239

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Ford Focus production will end in 2025, the replacement has not yet been confirmed

Made in European factory Ford Focus It is likely to close in 2025, and it is unclear whether the best-selling model range will be replaced at once.

Overnight, Ford announced that its factory in Valencia, Spain, had won an internal bidding war against Sarlui, Germany, for the right to “assemble vehicles based on the architecture of the next generation of electric vehicles.”

As Saarlouis will continue to focus until 2025, then it will probably be closed or sold with the automaker saying it is “evaluating options for future site ideas”.

Ford Chairman of Europe Stuart Rowley said Automotive News And other outlets are considering it as an “alternative opportunity to produce vehicles in Searleus, along with other manufacturers.”

The company says its range of European passenger cars will be fully electric by 2030. By 2024, Ford’s European range will have four EV passenger cars: a Puma EV, the already released Mustang Mach-E, and a medium-sized and sports crossover made in Cologne. Volkswagen is based on MEB architecture.

Ford has not yet announced whether it will produce any EVs or car types in Valencia. Factory Current manufactures Kuga / Escape, Transit Connect, Galaxy and S-Max there.

It is entirely possible that the company could build a C-segment EV in Valencia. Due to the nameplate’s fun-to-drive reputation and name recognition, the company may also decide to apply the Focus name to such a vehicle.

Alternatively, Ford could focus on European crossovers and commercial vehicles – sorry. The Blue Oval has already undergone a transformation in the United States, where the Mustang is the only vehicle that is not a pickup truck, SUV, van or crossover.

Even if the Focus name is abandoned in Europe, it will probably be somewhere else with current generation cars manufactured in China and Taiwan.

To carry on the legacy of models that have been discontinued in other markets, Ford’s Chinese arm has recently taken on a new model. Over the past few years, Ford of China has created new generations of Mondeo, Taurus and Escort for sale there and in selected export markets.

Focus was introduced in Europe in 1998, and effectively replaced the escort, which was characterized by flexible style in the 1990s, cost-cutting only accountants would be proud of, and erratic mobility.

Through its radical New Age styling and fine-tuned management by the late Richard Parry-Jones, Focus was a gathering place with both the buyer and the Fourth Estate.

Although the small passenger car segment has shrunk in recent years due to overcrowding at buyers’ crossovers, it is responsible for a significant share of sales both here and in Europe.

Until recently, the Focus was regularly one of the best-selling Ford cars in Europe, but the model’s star has waned since Puma and Kuga surpassed it in 2021. Falling sales have forced Ford to cut production and lay off workers.

Locally Focus replaced the Mazda 323-based laser in 2002, but sales were far behind the then influential Falcon and more recently the Ranger.

For the current generation the range is back in a few flavors of an entry-level ST-line model, pseudo-crossover active, and hot ST.

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Lotus will feature Goodwood in the new Eletre SUV, The Emira, and The Evija.

Lotus’ first SUV will appear at the Speed ​​Festival.

The bold, new, all-electric Lotus Eletre has already sent shockwave, pun intended through the automotive world, and by continuing to do so, it will make its worldwide public debut at one of the world’s most important and Goodwood Festival of Speed. Iconic autonomous phenomenon. With the agility and performance of a Lotus sports car and the practicality and usability of an SUV, the Eletre is undoubtedly already an amazing car, and it will be at Goodwood’s Lotus stand, along with the Emira sports car that attracted last year’s crowd. Event, and Eviza Hypercar which inspired the brand’s epic renaissance.

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The Emira GT4 race car will climb Mount Goodwood, driven by F1 champion Jenson Button, and will also see action on the Emira and Eviza tracks. The Emira GT4 race car has already gone on sale for the first year of production, and Eletre, possessing the most advanced aerodynamics and production car’s first LIDAR system in any production SUV, is about to start production towards its end. Year, delivery to Europe will begin in the spring of 2023.

Source: Lotus

Ernst Benz launches his all-new Bespoke Timepiece program, matching the clock

Opportunity to create a luxury watch to match the sports car in your garage!

Presented by Ernst Benz – As the luxury watch industry continues to grow in popularity among millions of collectors and enthusiasts, watchmakers are finding new ways to differentiate themselves from countless other brands. Clock customization introduces the ability to incorporate personalized features that re-imagine modern-day timepieces, using arrays of materials, precious metals, and colors. Ernst Benz’s horological experts are proud to launch its brand new Bespoke program, which has a hands-on experience that mimics the configuration process of designing a new supercar..

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The unique program allows car enthusiasts to work together with Ernst Benz’s design team to create a timepiece inspired by their own car. Debuting at Concorso Ferrari & Friends 2022, Ernst Benz has partnered with the iconic Ferrari event to bring awareness and support to the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center Foundation. The Ernst Benz team will work with each client individually to assist them in creating their timepieces, choosing the color of the dial, the hand, the case finish, the custom-tailored straps and many more unique personalization options. For each sale of a Bespoke Timepiece Commission, Ernst Benz will donate 50% of the proceeds to the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center Foundation. Learn more about configuring your own Bespoke Ernst Benz timepiece by contacting [email protected] or clicking the link below. Check back in the Dupont registry for more upcoming luxury watch news and releases.

Ernest Benz

Caterham will debut the new Seven 420 Cup Track Day Car at the Goodwood Festival

Winners return to the Speed ​​Goodwood Festival, one of the most iconic British racing brands.

Known for incredibly light race-ready cars with vintage appeal and hair-raising performances, Caterham is an important part of the British car world and one of the most important automotive events in the world, let alone the United Kingdom, is heading to Caterham. To make a winning comeback with the debut of its new Track Day Car, which Caterham calls its best Track Day Car of all time, the Seven 420 Cup. The new car will take the track to complete the 1.16-mile mountain climb at Goodwood in Batch 6, and it is going to use a 2.0-liter engine that produces 210 horsepower, giving the incredibly light car 0-60 times. Just 3.6 seconds, as well as a 6-speed sequential gearbox and fully adjustable damper.

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At Caterham’s stand at the Festival of Speed, guests will be able to see the lightest Caterham Seven, 170R, as well as the fastest production Seven, 620S by far. The Seven 420 Cup will be produced in early 2023, and not a US price quote, starting at £ 54,990 in the UK, and will be available as a factory-built car instead of a kit.

Source: Caterham