Nissan Aria EV will perform in Wild Publicity Stunt

The Nissan Aria electric SUV will run from the magnetic north pole to the south pole, a world-first adventure starting in March 2023.

The promotion stunt will promote the company’s important new, ground-up EV Hello product, which is currently unavailable in Australia due to limited production.

British explorer Chris Ramsay and team ‘e-4ORCE’ will take a Nissan Aria with an electric AWD, traveling 27,000 kilometers across different regions and continents with predicted temperatures ranging from -30-degrees to 30-degrees (Celsius).

“The route will discuss some of the most extreme, brutal and still beautiful scenes in the world. From snow-covered glacier landscapes to treacherous mountain climbs and vast desert hills; The pole-to-pole operated by Nissan Aria will take followers through breathtaking and unfamiliar areas, ”a company statement said.

If successful, Nissan says Ramsay will be the first person to drive any type of vehicle from one pole to another as he travels from the Arctic through North, Central and South America, before crossing Antarctica.

Mr Ramsay’s Nissan Aria will be replaced with upgraded wheels, tires and suspension. A second, unchanged Nissan Aria will serve as a support vehicle across the Americas, Nissan adds.

In 2017, Mr. Ramsay and his wife Julie were the first team to complete the Mongol Rally in an electric car. The pair traveled more than 16,000 kilometers in 56 days in their own Nissan Leaf.

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