New Mercedes-Benz GLC features hybrid power and advanced infotainment

The Mercedes-Benz GLC has more innovation, features and luxury than ever before.

In the ever-popular mid-size luxury SUV market, Mercedes-Benz’s GLC is one of the key players. Launched in 2015, it serves as one of the brand’s most popular vehicles for practicality and luxury, selling 2.6 million units worldwide. Now, GLC has taken great strides towards electrification with more futuristic and innovative, modern features than its recent generation and increased driving capacity in different terrain and situations.

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The latest generation of MBUX infotainment systems make driving and enjoying GLC easier than ever. Features like augmented reality navigation and “Hey Mercedes” voice assistant help you safely enjoy all the features of GLC with the ultimate convenience. An amazing new example of this is the “Newsflash” feature that allows MBUX to read short news reports. An improved drag coefficient of 0.29 is incredibly attractive for an SUV like the GLC, and it helps increase efficiency, and performance, as well as reduce noise levels. Innovative features like wireless charging are standard with GLC, and when it comes to electricity, electrification is an important step that GLC has taken, a 48-volt light-hybrid system supporting the new GLC’s four-cylinder engine.

Both on and off the road, the GLC ensures driving confidence with an optional parking package with a 360-degree camera and active parking support with Parktronic that can take control if needed. When the driver wants to leave the beaten path, the standard downhill speed regulation is designed to ensure restraint with the optional 360-degree camera’s “transparent hood” feature that allows the driver to see under the front of the vehicle, including the front wheels and their steering position to avoid obstruction. With a new look and a new attitude, the new Mercedes-Benz GLC is ready to be more capable, comfortable and popular than ever before.

Source: Mercedes-Benz

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