New Helmet for Monaco GP by Lewis Hamilton Daniel Arsham Show

No, these are not real crystals but they must look like this.

The Monaco Grand Prix is ​​always a race to be reckoned with, although it lacks the sincerity of overtaking. This historic race is known to motorsport enthusiasts around the world even though they are not fans of Formula 1. Why? Its popularity is due to many reasons, but mainly due to tradition and glamor. The latter of these two is why we came here today because Lewis Hamilton showed off his new helmet for the Monaco GP and it is quite glamorous.

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Hamilton’s helmet for the 2022 Monaco GP was inspired by Daniel Arsham’s design, the champion’s favorite crystal, amethyst. Although it may seem as if Arsham has embedded the crystal through the helmet, what you are actually seeing is the intricate artwork that gives the outside of the helmet a 3D look. In addition to the helmet, the two previously unveiled a helmet sculpture that Arsham created in his signature art style. The sculpture will be sold with all proceeds to the Mission 44, benefiting the Hamilton Foundation, which “seeks to empower young people in the UK’s under-represented group to succeed.”

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