New CoachBuilt Rolls-Royce Boat Tail Builds Its Concurso D’Eleganza Villa

Automatic elegance see its absolute best.

The new Rolls-Royce boat tail is one of only three that will ever be built, and it reveals the pinnacle of self-driving luxury as a stunning grand tour with a yacht-inspired look and feel. With a wooden trunk lid that opens like a butterfly’s wing to reveal everything you need for an incredibly luxurious picnic and a parasol umbrella sticking out of the back of the car to provide shade, the boat tail is a peerless car when it comes to summer’s luxurious nautical adventures.

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The YouTube channel Automotive Mike took a closer look at the boat tail during its public unveiling at the Concarco d’Aleganza Villa d’Esta, a perfect location for such a car on Italy’s stunning Lake Como. The car’s design is inspired by the owner’s family heritage in the pearl industry, which is why the paintwork of oysters and soft roses and the pearl accents on the inside are reminiscent of an ocean treasure. Although it cannot travel by sea, the Rolls-Royce boat has a yacht on the tail wheels if ever.

Source: YouTube / Automotive Mike

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