Mini to preview the language of the new design with the concept of electric crossover

Mini has created a new design language for its next generation vehicles, the first member of which will be the newly designed electric hardtop next year.

The new language, called Charismatic Simplicity, will precede the concept of an electric crossover that will unveil the mini in late July. A teaser for the concept was released Tuesday and hints at a clean, crisp design.

It is possible that the concept is a prelude to plans to slot the bottom of an electric crossover mini countryman. The new crossover, which could go by the name of Paceman, will be next year. The newly designed Countryman is also coming next year.

Don’t expect a design revolution in terms of charismatic simplicity, as the mini is less likely to abandon the iconic Alec Eisigonis design that defines its brand. However, larger differences between the models are planned.

A new focus on sustainability is also planned. Things like leather and chrome trim disappear or are greatly reduced, Mini said. And for most brands today, the Mini Dash will go on the digital route (with a circular touchscreen planned), but fortunately it will continue to offer physical controls for key functions, including the popular toggle switch.

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