MG ‘Cyberstar’ has been published in the electric sports car patent filing

The MG Cyberstar With an electric twist though – we have a look at the return of the Chinese-owned brand in sports cars, leaked.

Pictures of the electric sportswear from a European patent office filing have been published online, revealing a sleek sports car that shares many of its design hints with the 2021 Shanghai Motor Show’s cyberstar concept.

The ratio is quite different, the front overhangs of the production vehicle were longer than conceived as the wheels were dramatically pushed to the corners.

The side details remain the same, though, a curve, an accent line that pushes the door from the front fender, and a sharp horizontal crease that passes through a fender vent.

Turn to the front and the headlights have been turned on and the bonnet is not so slippery, while the empty grille area has created a small opening.

Finally, the full-width light element at the bottom remains, like a strange arrow-shaped tail light. Together, they mimic the Union Jack, albeit in a more dramatic fashion, similar to the Britannia-themed tail lights used by the Mini.

There’s still a resi rear diffuser, though less bluff than the Cyberstar’s Darier concept.

The cyberstar concept was presented topless, although a roof is very much present in the production version.

No internal photos were published.

Autocar Earlier this year it was reported that the production model would be launched in 2024 to celebrate the centenary named MG.

Since MG is the ancestral home of the UK, the company has confirmed in the release of the concept that it will be built on a right-hand drive.

The technical features have not been revealed yet, although the concept is claimed to have a time range of 0-100km / h 3.0 seconds and 800km.

I hope the production version figures are a little lower.

It will enter a segment where, for the time being Tesla Roadster is dormant, there is basically no competition.

Given MG’s position as a more value-oriented brand, production cyberstar will likely reduce the upcoming electric sports cars, such as the Lotus Type 135 scheduled for 2026, and replace the Alpine A110 which will share its platform.

Porsche is preparing an electric replacement for its 718 Boxster and Cayman, which will be available in 2024 or 2025.

Although it will have a completely different type of propulsion, Cyberstar represents a return to MG’s legacy as a compact sports car manufacturer.

Although MG has always offered a range of sedans and / or hatchbacks, since its inception in the UK in 1924, the death of the TF Droptop in 2011 has led to one of its longest spells without a sports car.

Only in 1980 was there a long gap between MGB’s closure and its return in 1992 as RV8.

Another MG published in the patent image, but not yet confirmed for production, is e-Motion.

First previewed in concept form at the 2017 Shanghai Motor Show, the patent filing in 2020 featured a restored version with a more stable Aston Martin-like look.

When MG unveiled the e-Motion concept, it said it used a dual-motor battery-electric powertrain, capable of running a coupe at 100 km / h in about four seconds. The electrical range was a claimed 500 kilometers.

This model has radio silence from MG and the UK report that it will be launched in 2021 has been proved wrong.

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