Mercedes-Benz is making its debut in 2024 on the new small car platform

Mercedes-Benz It is working to increase profitability with its next generation small cars and reduce its range of offers.

The company will debut in the new MMA architecture in 2024, which will underpin four new vehicles.

The new MMA platform will also be the first to use the new Mercedes-Benz operating system (MB.OS).

It could also be the last Mercedes-Benz platform to be launched with the option of internal combustion power, as the company has said from 2025 that all new platforms will be electric only.

These include the new MB.EA architecture for medium to large vehicles, AMG.EA for performance vehicles and VAN.EA for vans.

Mercedes-Benz has confirmed that it will restore its entry-level luxury vehicles “more precisely to the wishes of discerning customers”.

It also aims to record higher profit margins on those cars, reaching an operating margin target of around 14 percent in the mid-decade in favorable market conditions as part of a larger push by the company, or eight percent in “very unfavorable” terms.

It will reduce the number of vehicles offered in this segment to four and expects that segment share will be reduced by a quarter between 2019 and 2026.

It currently offers A-Class hatch and sedan, CLA four-door coupe and shooting brake wagon, B-Class MPV and GLA and GLB crossover.

Mercedes-Benz also offers electric versions of the next two, the EQA and the EQB.

All these models are based on the MFA2 platform.

Mercedes-Benz sold 680,000 entry-level luxury cars worldwide in 2019 but only 570,000 in 2021, but the average selling price has risen 20 percent since then.

It is not yet clear which model lines will get the ax.

Mercedes-Benz may choose to reduce the need to have two four-door sedans in its A-Class and CLA, especially since the previous one failed to meet sales expectations in North America.

In an investor presentation, Mercedes-Benz displayed an image of a sedan under a package, but it seemed to be identical to an image featured on another page titled “New E-Class”.

Possibly the chopping block includes B-Class and CLA shooting brakes, many of which are Europe-centric models.

Mercedes-Benz has previously confirmed that the MMA platform will be “Electric First” but will support internal combustion engines, while also being used for medium-sized vehicles.

MMA vehicles can use some of the technology previewed in the concept of single-motor, rear-wheel drive Vision EQXX.

The skill-centric concept, released earlier this year, features a flat underbody, active cooling shutter and retractable diffuser. Combined with a teardrop-style body, its drag coefficient is only 0.17.

Between 2019 and 2026, Mercedes-Benz is restructuring its product strategy, hoping to increase its share of the top vehicles by 60 percent.

The company’s new strategy will see it allocate more than 75 percent of its investment to product development for the most profitable market segment.

It plans to launch a new Mithos series of “Ultra-Exclusive Collector Cars”, as well as expand the Mercedes-Maybach range to include an extravagant version of the new SL.

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