Mercedes-Benz calls on 17,687 Australian owners to ‘stop driving’ immediately

Mercedes-Benz Australia Is remembered 17,687 An example of this ML-class, GL-Class And R-class Due to the problem of fitted brake booster

This recall affects the model years between 2005 and 2013, as well as privately imported R-Class vehicles until 2016.

If you own a damaged vehicle, Mercedes-Benz advises you to stop driving immediately and contact an authorized Mercedes-Benz service center to arrange an inspection as soon as possible.

Affected vehicles should not be driven unless inspected by a Mercedes-Benz service center, a Mercedes-Benz spokesman said, adding that depending on the service center, they would either send a technician to you or arrange a tow truck.

“Brake booster ceilings may be reduced due to erosion,” the company said in its withdrawal notice.

“Corrosion can cause leaks in the brake booster and reduce braking performance. In the case of very severe wear, hard braking can damage the brake booster resulting in reduced braking efficiency. “

  • Total 17,687 vehicles Are affected
  • The VIN list and the original withdrawal notification are attached herewith

Technicians at the Mercedes-Benz Service Center will perform a visual inspection of damaged vehicles and perform a directed diagnostic test if there are signs of “advance wear”. If the brake booster does not pass the test, a replacement will be required.

Until the damaged parts are replaced, the company says it will arrange an alternative transportation solution for free.

If you have further questions, you can contact Mercedes-Benz Recall Support at 1800 074 939.

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