McLaren celebrates Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee with a new paint color

McLaren celebrates the King’s Platinum Jubilee with a royal new paint alternative.

The longest reigning monarch in Britain, Queen Elizabeth II, celebrated her platinum jubilee year by spending 70 years as queen. 18 years ago today, he opened McLaren’s Global Headquarters, a perfect time to celebrate both the innovation and legacy of the McLaren brand with a stunning new paint option, a specially developed platinum silver, aptly known as the “Platinum Jubilee”. “

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The color has been debuted at McLaren Technology Center in a one-on-one version of McLaren Artura. McLaren’s coating partner Axonobel analyzed different lighting conditions to find the best combination of metallic pigments and MSO’s paint developers spent 8 days bringing the best platinum paint compositions through durability and application testing, the color of the paint was carefully crafted. . To celebrate Platinum Jubilee, McLaren Artura also has a special “Elizabeth II” badge to mark the occasion, however, the color will be available for McLaren customers to choose from next year.

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Source: McLaren

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