McLaren Artura made her European debut in a respectable lap in Monaco

McLaren’s first series-production hybrid supercar showcases its racing tradition at the most important place in racing.

Monaco is one of the most legendary places in the world for cars and racing. This is where the legacy is forged and the most experienced motorsport drivers, brands and teams are put to the final test. McLaren is a brand that runs motorsport in its veins, and McLaren Artura, McLaren’s first series-production high-performance hybrid supercar, combining the tradition, innovation and legacy of McLaren’s race cars, the McLaren P1 Hybrid McLaren and others. Supercar

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With an honorary lap around The Artura Legendary Track, the Monaco Grand Prix debuted in mainland Europe over the weekend in Monaco, showcasing its hybrid performances and ready for racing dynamics, and was hosted by Monaco’s HSH Prince Ebench and Ichnech Finished in orange. With the first European presence in Monaco, McLaren Artura has always shown that it is a celebration of motorsport’s past, present and future.

Source: McLaren

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