MB&F has introduced the LM Sequential EVO with its first dual-chronograph

Two chronographs, a clock and endless possibilities.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of modern watchmaking is the ability to constantly incorporate new ideas and technologies, expanding opportunities to further distinguish one brand from another. MB & F’s professionals are true to this approach with a wide line of luxurious timepieces that showcase the brand’s progress as a pioneer and industry leader. MB&F is proud to announce the release of a timepiece collection featuring unseen movement technology like no other, the new automotive-inspired LM Sequential EVO. The MB&F LM Sequential EVO has a handmade 44mm case design made from polished zirconium, available in orange or black / white variants. The highly complex Skeleton Dial highlights the artwork of MB & F’s first dual-chronograph design.

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New LM Sequential EVO powered engine Stephen McDonnell has developed an in-house fully integrated dual chronograph system for MB&F, including a twinverter switch that allows for multiple timing modes.. Whether it’s a race track or a summer BBQ, Sequential lap timer, simultaneous split-second, and independent function Make the new creation of MB&F truly versatile. Adding functionality to the long list of benefits from the LM Sequential EVO, the movement provides an impressive 72-hour power reserve when operating under 80-meter water resistance. The sapphire backcase allows for a closer look at the internal workings of the process, including the engraving on the outside, to imply special expressions. The MB&F dual-chronograph fits a comfortable black, gray, or white rubber strap, depending on the variety chosen by its lucky new owner. The brand new MB&F LM Sequential EVO Collection is currently available through an authorized dealer valued at 172,000 CHF (approximately 9 179,382).. Check back in the Dupont registry for more upcoming luxury watch news and releases.

Source: MB&F

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