Mazda: Solid state batteries will only provide increased benefits

Many are placing solid state batteries at the center of the revolution for electric vehicles, but Mazda thinks they may not have the grace to save what everyone is hoping for.

Christian Schultz, director of the Mazda Technology Research and Technology Control Agreement, said Care Expert That’s when solid state batteries are attractive, there’s more work to be done.

“As you know, Russia is currently the largest producer of nickel in the world, and I do not know what the future holds for raw materials. Maybe something will change. We all know now that we are looking for more independence and multi-sourcing, “said Schultz.

“But very clearly the drive for solid state batteries is running in multiple places around the world. I don’t think we should expect it to be two or three times better than the battery we have. That’s probably 30 percent better, or maybe a little more. ”

“And this way it will definitely be an advantage. I hope it is beneficial not only in terms of weight but also in terms of package energy concentration, so that it is really easy to fit them in the car.”

“But it will also depend on the level of cost. At this point in time. It’s a real research activity, but if we want to get it in the car at an acceptable price that consumers pay. “

Schultz said that while solid state batteries make sense in labs, shifting technology from a lab to scaled production may never make sense for current battery manufacturers.

“But I’m wondering if you go into a certain kind of technology to generate billions upon billions of dollars. [lithium-ion], How easy would it be to switch? Do they need to measure what they have invested?

“It’s also an interesting question for me because I think it’s one thing to scale what they’re doing in the lab, but then to increase production… really to increase production. That takes a lot of time. And what do you do with the plants you make?”

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