Maserati’s sophisticated website encourages the development of a new digital experience

Trident’s new website features a sea of ​​new monthly experiences.

Masrati has redesigned the process of creating an amazing new digital experience for its customers, and the brand has started with a new website that will be a whole new integrated digital experience for what Masrati said. Masrati fans and owners enjoy. Consisting of three categories, models, brands and ownership, the website provides new information about the month and its vehicles, as well as features for the month owners.

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The new model section has a new layout that provides information on the entire Maserati range as well as all available trims. The Brands section focuses on the values, history and information of the Masrati brand, with a live feed of Masrati news and content along with a “Stories of Audacity” magazine. In an exciting development for Maserati owners, the website ownership section is full of content that links directly to the Maserati owner app. As this new website opens up a lot of doors for Masrati’s future digital experience, Masrati has made sure to prepare their new website for other aspects of the brand’s future, as the brand announces the range of Maseratis, a series of support tools with the upcoming All-Electric Folgo launch. The full-electric month will be specially designed for car owners.

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