Maserati x North Sail Clothing announces an upcoming adventure capsule

A new limited-edition performance clothing line that stands with the Maserati trident.

With a focus on performance and sustainability, Maserati diversifies its portfolio by working with other industry leaders who share the same values ​​and corporate responsibilities. Following the successful release of clothing from the past, Maserati is proud to work with North Pal’s adventurers in a special capsule collection featuring high-tech materials and stylish designs. North Sails Apparel’s team has a long history of using advanced engineering to develop high-performance, just as Maserati does with every sports car that shuts down its production line. The Maserati x North Sails Capsule collection is designed for those who want to venture out into the treacherous climate behind the wheels of the Levant.

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Proving his dedication to sustainability, Maserati x North Sails chose to create his new collection using Gore-Tex Infinium, made from organic and recycled cotton. The clothing line features a mobility-centric jacket of two lengths, a hybrid vest and a classic polo, each boasting a breathable and durable construction. The colors of the collection represent some of the finishes available on platforms such as Ghibli, Levante and MC20, including a deep navy blue, crisp white, dark black, gray dawn, electric blue and yellow of the month. Although the release date and price have not been announced yet, the exclusive Maserati x North Sail Capsule collection can be an exciting drop for automotive and marine enthusiasts. Click on the link below to see the current month’s models for sale in Dupont Registry 7 Check back at Dupont Registry for more upcoming Lifestyle releases and Supercar news.

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