Lotus will feature Goodwood in the new Eletre SUV, The Emira, and The Evija.

Lotus’ first SUV will appear at the Speed ​​Festival.

The bold, new, all-electric Lotus Eletre has already sent shockwave, pun intended through the automotive world, and by continuing to do so, it will make its worldwide public debut at one of the world’s most important and Goodwood Festival of Speed. Iconic autonomous phenomenon. With the agility and performance of a Lotus sports car and the practicality and usability of an SUV, the Eletre is undoubtedly already an amazing car, and it will be at Goodwood’s Lotus stand, along with the Emira sports car that attracted last year’s crowd. Event, and Eviza Hypercar which inspired the brand’s epic renaissance.

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The Emira GT4 race car will climb Mount Goodwood, driven by F1 champion Jenson Button, and will also see action on the Emira and Eviza tracks. The Emira GT4 race car has already gone on sale for the first year of production, and Eletre, possessing the most advanced aerodynamics and production car’s first LIDAR system in any production SUV, is about to start production towards its end. Year, delivery to Europe will begin in the spring of 2023.

Source: Lotus

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