Lotus set in IPO, targeting 100,000 annual sales by 2028

Lotus is in the early stages of preparing for an initial public offering of its business over the next two years as it sets an ambitious path to build 100,000 cars in 2028 from about 1,500 cars in 2021.

The relaunch of Lotus began in mid-2017 when it was bought by Chinese giant Gili, and since then has helped build the Hello Super and HyperSportscar following the British Mark Porsche, Lamborghini and even Ferrari, as it has reached the SUV. And other means of subsistence.

I’m talking Care Expert This week in Bathurst, James Andrew, director of public relations and communications at Lotus, confirmed the iconic brand’s commitment to the public, though still on scheduled stock exchanges.

“Yes, I mean, it’s on the IPO card. We are in the early stages of seeing how we do it, “he said.

Probably what it looks like is that China’s Lotus Arm (which will make all non-sportscar models) will be the first to go public as part of the Lotus Car Group.

“This is a division of Lotus Group which we will initially IPO and all options are open, we are looking at the Chinese market, especially Hong Kong from a flotation perspective, New York and London, everything is on the table. This is a very, very, very early stage. The window is probably 18 months to two years from now … this is not the right time to IPO, “Mr Andrew added.

The brand is expected to launch its Lotus Emira product later this year, with production up to 4000 units for 2022 before reaching 7000 units in 2023.

With the launch of the Lotus Eletre SUV (engineered and made in China) by the end of 2023, those numbers will increase significantly from 2024 onwards and the product will be backed up by a small electric SUV and a sedan in addition to a brand new electric sports car (Renault) Co-developed with Alpine).

The 2028 goal of selling 100,000 cars per year is that the brand will stick with about 10,000 sports cars and 90,000 ‘lifestyle’ vehicles such as SUVs of various sizes and other vehicles outside of its iconic two-door sportscars.

Lotus has made similar promises before, but the company’s managing director Matt Wendell said Care Expert This is not a “false dawn” for the brand, and with the massive investment from its Chinese parent company, the brand’s growth prospects are much higher than before.

How Integrated Lotus will become part of its Chinese parent company, Andrew believes the North is within an existing brand.

“Geely is a major holder now and if you think they are committed or have their track record, just look at Volvo! That’s the blueprint, Volvo is now less Scandinavian nine years ago when Gilly bought them. Lotus will be British and we will be British. [in the future]”

Recent automotive IPOs include Tesla rival Rivian, which has lost nearly 80 percent of its value since being listed on the NASDAQ in November last year (even though the company is still worth ্র 25b USD stratosphere).

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