LOKI Basecamp Falcon 8 Series Build

The overland travel platform is ready to take anything in its path.

The excitement of an off-road exploration brings the opportunity to discover infallible roads and areas, which require a vehicle capable of handling the forces of Mother Nature. At LOKI Basecamp, custom vehicles are built that are equipped with everything you need to create a modern and comfortable home away from home. Fitted to any size pick-up truck with a 4-season pod platform, each LOKI unit is fully customizable to meet the adventurers behind the wheel. The LOKI Basecamp team is proud to show off this Stealth-like Flacon 8 as one of the new builds to close the production floor for a lucky new owner..

Matt Black Falcon Series 8 platform

Loki d
LOKI Basecamp

The exterior of the Falcon 8 Series features a durable matte black aluminum shell that blends perfectly with the gloss finish on the Ford F-350 Super Duty. ergonomic construction features An LED lighting system, utility roof rack, electric rear panoramic door, multi-purpose utility drawer, double glass windows and external power outlet.. The easy-to-use system allows efficient setup and unloading for travel, more time to explore and less time to pack up. Custom configuration for LOKI Basecamp’s Falcon 8 Series exterior gives owners the option to choose colors, finishes, and additional exterior accessories.

Complete indoor living space with amenities

LOKI Basecamp

While the exterior of the Falcon 8 Series attracts attention from all angles, the interior layout makes LOKI Basecamp the best choice for street living. The LOKI Basecamp Falcon Unit uses a double-density synthetic composite insulator with outstanding thermal and acoustic properties. The living space is complete with modern day comforts such as onboard heating and AC, kitchen, living room, stove dinette space and a queen-size bedroom.. The cabin is controlled by a state-of-the-art REDARC autonomous electronics system mounted inside the Falcon 8 series. The interior configuration provides a modern cozy space that will be needed to return from everyday adventures regardless of the season.

Smart power management

LOKI Basecamp

This LOKI Basecamp Falcon 8 Series build is suitable for a 2022 Ford F-350 Super Duty platform, with a crew cab and 8-foot long-bed configuration. The Ford F-350 delivers a 7,850-pound payload capacityThis makes it an easy task for American made diesel trucks. Of The 6.7-liter power stroke V8 turbo diesel engine delivers 475-horsepower and 935-pound-feet of torque on all four wheels.. The Falcon 8 Series carries Ford’s state-of-the-art heavy-duty 6-speed Select Shift transmission, designed to withstand everyday wear and tear. Check out the Falcon 8 Series and all the other off-road platforms from LOKI Basecamp by clicking the link below. Check back in the Dupont Registry for more upcoming Luxury Living News and check out The Spec Special.

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