Listen to the sound of 2024 Ford Mustang GT V-8 with manual transmission

The seventh generation Ford Mustang is coming.

On Thursday, Ford teased the 2024 Mustang GT In a tweet In which the V-8 is seen muttering like a driver through a few gears.

A graphic of the tweet indicates that the manual will be 6-speed, as it has been for years. The tweet marks the first official confirmation that the S650 Mustang will have a manual transmission, although we did not expect it to be dropped.

The new Mustang has been seen roaming the streets of Detroit in base form and V-8-powered GT. Convertible has also been seen.

Expect many engines, including a Turbo-4, a naturally ambitious V-8, an electrified powertrain, and perhaps a supercharged GT500 as a final rate before the electric age begins.

Originally, the S650 was expected to jump on the CD6 modular platform of Explorer and Lincoln Aviator, opening up all-wheel drive as a possible alternative. While still possible, Ford is more likely to embark on a modified version of the S250’s current car D2C platform as it pours resources into an electric future.

The teaser was part of Ford’s announcement that it plans to invest 2 2 billion in three Michigan rallies in the coming years. The investment will help increase production of the F-150 Lightning at Deerbourne’s Rouge Electric Vehicle Center, the Ranger at Wayne’s Michigan Assembly Plant and the S650 Mustang at the Flat Rock Assembly Plant. Ford said the investment would create 3,200 union jobs, of which about 2,000 would be in three assembly centers.

Originally expected as the 2023 model in 2022, the new Mustang will come in 2023 as the 2024 model. It’s not clear if Ford will make a new muscle car debut in 2022 or wait until next year, but teasers and recent spy photos suggest it could still make its debut this year.

Stay tuned for more Mustang news and sound off in the comments about how the V-8 sounds.

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