Lexus Honors 100 Thives wins LCS Championship with a custom New Thives NX SUV

A custom Lexus commemorates an epic sports win.

The Esports team won the 100 Thieves Big, winning their first championship title at the LCS Championships. To commemorate the victory, Lexus has created a custom Thives NX, based on the 2022 NX 350 F Sport Handling AWD, and it honors 100 Thives wins from bumper to bumper. The car’s “champion print” refers to the 100 thief’s signature geo-print with a Lexus spin, which shows a literal map of the team’s victory. The pattern was the result of taking data from unrefined Lexus players and transforming it into a design that shows where the players went and where they won each of the 11 playoff matches.

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In addition, the 100 Thives logo is embossed on the headrests of the seats, embroidered on the floor and cargo mats, featured on the poodle lamps and door seals and featured ambient lighting. Similar to the team’s strategy and talent, the Thives NX showcases the most advanced Lexus features, such as a 14-inch touchscreen, intuitive parking assistance with automatic braking, O Lexus and more.

Source: Lexus

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