LEGO Technic has announced a new 3,778-piece Ferrari Daytona SP3 build set

Bring the experience of creating a comfortable Ferrari in your living room.

Although highly anticipated The exclusive production life of the Ferrari Daytona SP3 599-chassis is set, Italian supercar maker is looking for new ways to bring উদাহরণ 2.25 million examples home to collectors and enthusiasts. Ferrari is proud to continue its long-standing partnership with LEGO Technologies by unveiling a brand new Ferrari Daytona SP3 build set. The collaboration began with a detailed development process between Maranello’s Centro Stile and the LEGO Technic team, using the right features and functions to achieve the exact 1: 8-scale presentation of the actual car. The new build set comes as part of the LEGO Technic Ultimate Car Concept series, Includes a 3,778-piece construction for skilled adult manufacturers Want to take on the challenge of building their own Ferrari.

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The Ferrari Daytona SP3 features act as a fully functional model Directional steering, a V12 engine, an 8-speed sequential gearbox with paddle shifter, butterfly door opener, a removable roof and shock absorber. The design aspects of the packaging pay homage to the original Ferrari Daytona SP3, which includes a commemorative plaque that demonstrates its impressive performance. The car has two books that contain both the building steps needed to complete the model, as well as exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes photography, providing a truly immersive experience from start to finish. The brand new LEGO Technic Ferrari Daytona SP3 build set will be available on June 1 via the LEGO website for 399.99. Check out all of the current Ferrari models for sale at the Dupont Registry by clicking the link below. Check back at Dupont Registry for more upcoming Luxury Gear releases and Supercar news.

Source: Lego / Ferrari

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