LDV raises prices from July 1

LDV Prices are rising up to $ 1053 across it D90, T60, G10 and V80 Line from 1 July.

The price of the Deliver 9 remains unchanged, while the G10 People Mover is closed.

Like most brand price increases, LDV mentions the high cost of doing business.

It states that vehicles ordered and delivered before July 1, 2022 will be eligible for the current price.

The company said dealers had been aware of the impending price increase for some time and had passed this information to customers.

In fact, if you already have an order number and the dealer can see it on their system now, you will not be involved in the high price, but due to some unexpected delay it will not reach the dealer till July 2.

However, don’t assume that you can go to an LDV dealer on June 30 and get a car at the old price – unless the dealer is in stock.

The brand continues to offer separate retail and ABN holder drive-away pricing.

The T60, which has been hit the hardest by supply problems, has seen maximum price increases. Retail drive-away price increased 1053, while ABN holder price increased $ 1000.

The price increase is slightly lower for the D90 SUV, which has experienced a sales boom. The retail drive-away price has increased by $ 1000, although ABN holders only have to pay $ 949 more.

Prices for the G10 and V80 vans rose the most, at $ 500 for ABN holders and $ 526 for retail customers.

LDV is not alone in announcing price increases this year, with almost every brand announcing their own price increase. These include budget-friendly Chinese brands such as MG and GWM.


All D90s have increased their retail drive-away price to $ 1000 and their ABN holder drive-away price to $ 949.

Retail drive is worth away ABN Holder Drive-Away Price
D90 2WD 37,990 $ 36,090
D90 Executive 2WD $ 41,990 39,890
D90 Executive 4WD 45,990 $ 43,690
D90 Executive 4WD Diesel 50,990 $ 48,440


G10 + ABN holder drive-away price increased by $ 500, while retail drive-away price increased by $ 526.

Prices for the G10 Diesel Manual remain unchanged.

The rear barn door remains $ 600 for alternatives or N 570 for ABN holders.

Retail drive is worth away ABN Holder Drive-Away Price
G10 + petrol auto 36,305 34,490
G10 Diesel Manual 32,621 30,990
G10 + diesel manual 35,69 $ 33,990
G10 + Diesel Auto 37,884 35,990

T60 max

The ABN holder drive-away price increased 1000 across the T60 Max range, while the retail drive-away price increased $ 1053.

Retail drive is worth away ABN Holder Drive-Away Price
T60 Max Pro Manual 36,832 34,990
T60 Max Pro Auto $ 38,937 $ 36,990
T60 Max Luxe Manual $ 41,568 39,490
T60 Max Luxe Auto $ 43,674 $ 41,490


The V80, which is about 20 years old, has increased the price by $ 500 for ABN holders and $ 526 for retail buyers.

Retail drive is worth away ABN Holder Drive-Away Price
V80 SWB Lower Roof Manual 35,69 $ 33,990
V80 SWB Lower Roof Automatic Manual 37,884 35,990
V80 LWB Mid Roof Automatic Manual $ 43,147 40,990
V80 LWB High Roof Automatic Manual $ 45,253 42,990

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