Lamborghini’s Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 Yacht won the 2022 International

Lamborghini dominates the roads, tracks and now the sea.

At this year’s International Yacht and Aviation Awards, Lamborghini won the Technomer “Motor Yacht Under 25 Meters” category for 63 yachts and for good reason. This is the iconic maritime collaboration between Lamborghini and the Italian Sea Group, and the perfect distillation of what Lamborghini would look like if it were a boat. Inspired by the brand’s design language, as well as the Sian FKP 37 supercar, the yacht has extensive use of carbon fiber, gold accents and Lamborghini’s signature angular design, and is as luxurious as it looks.

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Appropriately, the awards ceremony was held at the Hotel Cyprian in Venice with a worldwide panel of industry experts, and the technocrat excellence for the Lamborghini 63 stood in the crowd by embracing and transforming Lamborghini’s luxury, performance and future style DNA. In a stunning yacht. In true Lamborghini fashion, the Technomer for the Lamborghini 63 is the fastest yacht in the Technomer fleet with a maximum speed of 63 knots. This amazing award is further proof that Lamborghini’s commitment to excellence creates a winning formula for yachts and cars.

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