Lamborghini Urus has set a new production record

Lamborghini It is known for its exclusivity, but it now continues to set a production record.

The brand has created 20,000 examples Urus Since its debut in the Sant’Agata Bolognese factory in Italy in 2018.

The super SUV is comfortably the brand’s best-seller.

It took Lamborghini twice as long to sell the same amount of Huracan, representing Urus moving to a less exclusive part of the market.

The 20,000th Urus model is painted on Viola Mithras – a bright purple metallic – and features a black brake caliper and a glass panoramic sunroof. This is for a customer in Azerbaijan.

A below the bonnet of the urus 4.0-liter twin-turbo petrol V8 engine Production 478 kW Of power and 850Nm Of torque

It combines an eight-speed torque-converter with automatic and all-wheel drive.

By comparison, the much more affordable Audi RSQ8 uses a Ditune version of the same V8 with 441kW and 800Nm.

Lamborghini claims that Urus can sprint 0-100 km / h 3.6 seconds And its maximum speed is 305km / h.

Since the sale of Urus, the size of Lamborghini’s headquarters in Sant’Agata Bolognese has doubled to 160,000 square meters.

More than 500 permanent staff were hired from 2015 to 2018 to work on the Urus project.

In 2019, Lamborghini launched an Urus Paintshop and in 2020 began transporting Urus bodies by train instead of Lamborghini trucks. Subsequent introductions have apparently reduced CO2 emissions by 85 percent.

Lamborghini estimates that all Urus models around the world cover a total of more than 360 million kilometers.

The Rising Bull brand indicates that its most popular ad personum exterior paint colors are Grizzio Telesto (gray), Blue Cepheus (bright blue), and Viola Passifa (dark purple).

Customers have also been attracted to Nero Noctis Matte (Graphite) and Arancio Borealis (Orange) exterior paint colors.

As previously detailed, Lamborghini is preparing to release a mid-life freshman for Urus sometime this year.

We also saw a camouflage prototype that has all the features of a warmer version and could wear the name Urus Evo.

It has a differently designed front fascia with different side air intakes and a newly created top grille cutout as well as a long bonnet air vent.

Lamborghini executives originally confirmed a hybrid variant before the release of the Urus product, and we’ve been waiting ever since.

Looking to the future, Lamborghini has previously stated that they plan to release its first all-electric car in the second half of the decade.

Earlier rumors spread that the first all-electric Lamborghini could be a 2 + 2 Grand Tour model, similar to the 2008 Estock concept.

This roadmap for electrification began with a low-volume cyan that added a 6.5-liter V12 and an electric motor built into the transmission for a total of 602kW.

Although most road-going hybrid systems have nickel-metal hydride or lithium-ion battery packs, Cyan uses a smaller, more power-dense supercapacitor set-up.

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