Kia Stinger set a new sales record in May

The Kia Stinger Larger passenger cars are refusing to let die, with 428 sold in May Identify an all-time monthly record.

Stinger’s May 2022 sales figures for May 2021 were 162.8 percent and accounted for 84.4 percent of the mainstream large passenger segment in VFACTS (Car Sales Data) reporting.

Granted, Skoda Superb (79 units, 41.1 percent higher) is the only other entrant in the segment mentioned, but when you consider the Stinger’s sales in Australia at about 95 percent, its flagship GT with twin-turbo V6 and $ 69,890 drive is big in terms of price. Kia also surpassed the likes of Mercedes-Benz C-Class (389 units) and BMW 3 Series (261 units).

Overall, the Stinger was second only to the Toyota Camry (568 units, 58.5 percent less) when you combine the medium and large passenger segments in VFACTS, demonstrating its strength in a declining market.

More interestingly (or surprisingly), the Stinger has beaten the big names in the small passenger class, failing to deliver supply-hit Mazda 3 (358 units, 65.3 percent less) and Volkswagen Golf (280 units, 5.1 percent less). Match Stinger’s volume, either.

A spokesman for Kia Australia confirmed that the record May results came after Stinger marked a 200 per cent monthly increase (316 units) in April. Care Expert There are still a few months worth of Stinger backorder to work through going forward.

Until May 31, Kia has seen Stinger 1371 Sale Australia – 76.2 percent increase In the January-May period of 2021.

Kia Australia’s chief operating officer, Damien Meredith, recently poured cold water on an international report that Stinger’s future is in doubt.

“The future at the operational level is great,” said Mr Meredith. “We haven’t heard anything official from Korea about whether we’re moving to a new model for the Stinger, so we’re happy at the moment that we’re getting great supply for the car and it’s doing exceptionally well in the market.”

Aside from private buyers, Stinger also currently serves in a number of Australian police forces, including in Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia.

Mr Meredith further indicated that Kia Australia is forecasting an all-time sales record in 2022, with 72,000 vehicles expected to be delivered throughout the year. For reference, the brand returned 67,964 registrations in the 2021 calendar year.

The Korean brand even ranked second overall with 7307 sales in May, partly due to a record decline by most major competitors. Nevertheless, it has beaten the original Hyundai, as well as Mazda, Mitsubishi and Ford.

It even cites specific variants with a wait time of more than 12 months, despite the problem of faulty supply across several model lines.

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