Kia Connect is debuting in Nero, will be rolled out across the range

New Kia Nero There will be launch pads for new ones Kia Connect The system, which gives owners more features inside the cabin while allowing them to remotely control the functionality of the vehicle.

It will be standard for both the hybrid and electric GT-line variants of the new Nero range, and Kia says that each of its larger range models will have the option when facelifted or replaced with a new model.

This means that Celtos, which was updated in the second half of this year, will get it but will not get it until the recently launched EV6 Facelift by 2024.

If you buy a Kia with Kia Connect you will get a free seven year connection, in line with Kia’s warranty.

A combination of both live service and a smartphone app, Kia Connect uses an onboard modem and Optus SIM. Kia will also provide over-the-air updates.

Kia Connect will allow you to use voice prompts to control vehicle functions such as climate control and sound systems or to call someone.

Currently, the voice prompt button on the key steering wheel lets you control only functions between Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Real-time weather, traffic and charging station information will be available to drivers and also has an emergency call function.

Using the smartphone app, you’ll be able to remotely lock / unlock and turn on the car, as well as adjust climate control and seat heating and ventilation.

With the app, you can check the status of the vehicle, track the location of the vehicle and control its ignition if it is stolen.

The app will allow you to connect with the car more seamlessly. For example, you can sync your calendar, send a destination to your car, and send a destination to the app for walking instructions once parked.

This last destination guide feature uses Google Maps and augmented reality technology.

Kia says there is a three-stage strategy for Kia Connect, with the first step involving basic telematics features and a few more features associated with each phase.

“The last game is over [to be] Industry-leading, ”said Roland Rivero, Kia Australia’s product planning manager.

“I think we should be industry-leading even after the second episode.”

Kia said Australia’s Kia Connect would use a Singapore-based server, act as a regional hub and the data collected would be used strictly within the Hyundai Motor Group to prevent any third party from seeing it.

In addition to launching Kia Connect, Kia Australia says that the possibilities are even better to offer in cars equipped with wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay embedded satellite navigation.

“I think there are some discussions going on with the technology giant,” Mr Rivero said.

“It has lights at the end of the tunnel.”

Kia Connect replaces the Uvo, which has been offered in the United States since 2011.

Its Hyundai counterpart is Blulink, which will be launched locally this year with the refreshed 2023 policy before rolling out across the full range.

The service will include a five-year subscription with the new Hyundai purchase.

Hyundai owners will be able to remotely change the temperature, lock or unlock and view the location of their vehicles using the smartphone app, as well as control charging on electric models.

It will have a last-mile navigation feature as well as the ability to store live footage in the vehicle with a surround-view camera.

In the event of an airbag fire, Blulink will automatically call emergency services in the event of an accident.

While Kia and Hyundai are not alone in introducing such technology, rival brands such as Ford also provide live service and smartphone app connectivity.

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