Kia Australia wants EV9 SUV

Kia Desperate to compete with the Tesla Model X, a large, electric SUV in Australia.

The EV9 A boxy concept has already been previewed, and production will begin in 2023 Kia Australia has not yet locked it into our market, but it has a “hands-on” approach to the car.

Dean Norbiato, Kia Australia’s Marketing Director, said: “Although it is not yet green light, we think we will fill a really nice void in the Australian market and be a much more leader in the EV space for that size.” Care Expert.

“There are lots of coupes and sedans and small cars. This is going to be a real full size EV for the Australian market. “

The EV9 is a three-row SUV based on Hyundai and Kia’s new Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP). 4930 mm long, 2055 mm wide and 1790 mm long, it has a tail 50 mm shorter than the Hyundai Palisade, but 80 mm wide and 40 mm long.

Importantly, it also mounts on a 200mm long wheelbase. This will allow Kia engineers to free up more interior space and maintain a flat floor across three rows.

Kia did not offer a full spec breakdown, but said that the concept EV9 has a range 483 km. It can also be DC fast-charged at speeds up to 350kW, which means it can zap up to 10 to 80 percent within 20 to 30 minutes of being fitted to the right type of charger.

Although some large, electric SUVs are being sold in Australia – such as the BMW iX – only the Tesla Model X, which is currently not being shipped down, has three-seater seating. At 5036 mm long and 2072 mm wide, the Model X is larger than the Kia concept.

The EV9 is part of a broader electric shock that by 2027 Kia will launch seven e-GMP-based vehicles worldwide.

“We are in talks to bring them to shore as soon as possible. If we’re lucky enough there could be another couple next year, “said Roland Rivero, boss at Kia Australia. Care Expert.

The flagship EV6 and the more affordable Niro are currently leading the charge for Kia in Australia, but the former is tightly supplied, and the latter is not built on the high-tech e-GMP platform.

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