Italian stunt and race pilot Dario Costa highlights new Lamborghini Huracan

Italian champion race and stunt pilot Huracan talks about the delightful driving character of the technique.

Dario Costa is an Italian race and stunt pilot known for being able to do things that seem impossible. He talks about how freedom of flight is something that people crave and feel lucky to be able to fly whenever they want. Continuing a series of Lamborghini interviews centered on the Huracan Technica, Costa talks about the freedom to be with a vehicle and flight escape and is related to the Huracan Technica because it is designed to be fun to drive.

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Like flying, Huracan Technica driving is clearly a wonderful experience that transcends the monotony, stress and stagnation that can go through our daily lives. The Huracan Technica also evokes the feeling of flying, the perfect driving pleasure of a mid-mounted V10 engine straight from its track-centric STO siblings and the rear wheel drive, making it an exciting and consistent one. Impressive car for driving on the track or road, the perfect automotive companion for whatever mood or place you are in.

Source: Lamborghini

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