Ineos plans small EV 4×4 as Grenadier follow-up

Ineos, the emerging manufacturer of the Rugged 4x4s responsible for the Grenadier, says it is looking at a smaller, off-road capable, battery-electric SUV for its next model.

The anonymous project EV will target buyers both urban and rural, as the company acknowledges that it must “embrace the future”.

“What we are looking at very carefully at the moment is a small version of the Grenadier [that’s] Electric, ”Jim Ratcliffe, the company’s founder and head, confirmed in a promotional video.

“We need to embrace a future that is obviously going to be electric in an urban environment, but even in a country environment, when you are a farmer you will probably have an electric car that you can drive on the track and drive things like that. .

“You want one that is capable but electric,” he thought to himself.

Something else valuable is universally known at this stage, but if it is offered as suggested it will enter a market.

Ineos is a multinational chemical company that has built automotives under the direction of Sir Rutcliffe – a fan of previous generation series Land Rover and Defenders.

As a result, Grenadier, which arrived in Australia by the end of 2022 and has already built a solid order bank, according to the company, has undergone a modernization on these vehicles, and the influential Toyota Landcruiser 70 could squeeze some potential sales.

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Although Ineos says it will look at an EV drivetrain for its next model, the inevitable emission-reducing Grenadier Spinoff will likely use a Hyundai hydrogen fuel-cell drivetrain.

“I think Grenadia is well suited for timely hydrogen engines,” added Ratcliffe.

“… electric cars are ideal for city centers and short trips. But hydrogen is good for long journeys and heavy loads and requires immediate investment in hydrogen distribution and hydrogen filling stations, “he said earlier.

Ineos has an advantage in the automotive division, as its parent company is a huge chemical company that is already involved in isolating and storing hydrogen as a source of fuel.


Official stories say that in 2017, Ratcliffe was hanging out at the Grenadier pub in London, mourning the decision to kill the old Land Rover defender and replace it with a more modern and luxurious new SUV model.

Ineos Automotive Australia will be a factory-supported operation rather than an independent licensed distributor, with Australia being considered an important launch market with a huge audience of “hands-on” workers and entertainment enthusiasts already involved.

Ineos Automotive has delivered its promised জন্য 84,500 (before on-road spending) price point for the Grenadier. It also promises to charge a 1000 premium for a five-seater station wagon over a two-seater utility wagon and to assist owners who prefer DIY maintenance.

There will be three special levels: a base entry point, a more hardcore trailmaster and a more luxurious fieldmaster. You have a list of options and accessories up to your arm.

Order books have been open since May 18, with Australia currently the top-three global market for reservation holders.

The company will support the launch of its Rugged 4 × 4 in Australia with 28 retail sites, many of which will be suitable for out-of-town areas. Launch partners include dealer groups, but also 4 × 4 specialists and even agricultural equipment vendors.

The company has hired Justin Hoseaver to head its Asia-Pacific operations, having previously operated Mini Australia and Renault Australia, and was a senior executive at Jaguar Land Rover and BMW Motorrad.

The production grenadiers are being built at an old 210,000-square-meter Mercedes-Benz (smart) plant in Humboldt, France, since Inios was purchased. Since 2019, the plant has received the $ 770 million AUD claimed for the upgrade, financing both Mercedes-Benz and Enos.

Bespoke development vehicles were built by the Austrian Magna, and underwent a massively covered and public torture-testing activity.

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