Increased supply: ডkoda takes Ukraine’s wiring harness production house to house

Skoda has taken unusual steps to shift cable harness production from war-torn Ukraine to a home plant in the Czech Republic – as ongoing clashes disrupt the supply of vital materials.

Russia’s war hit Ukraine’s cable harness production chain hard, resulting in the collapse of several European car brands that relied on this key component. The larger Volkswagen group has been greatly affected.

Lack of shoe forced Skoda to stop production of its Hypod new Enyaq iV electric SUV for three weeks from March 3, which had a huge impact on the launch rollout in the world market, causing considerable delays and logjam.

Skoda and supplier PEKM Kabeltechnik relocated parts of the cable harness production from Ukraine to Mlada Boleslav within five weeks of the start of the war. PEKM has manufactured production equipment in the assembly halls provided by Skoda and has increased production since April.

The new facilities are staffed by 35 women at Lviv’s main plant, who are now training new workers. Shoes for the Fabia Wagon are being made at Skoda headquarters, along with shoes for Octavia, Kodiak, Croc and Superb.

All Skoda Australia cars come from this region, and so it will help in time to overcome the ongoing deficit by affecting local products.

ডkoda says it has produced only “partially relocated” shoes in the Czech Republic – “in close coordination with affected suppliers”, has accelerated its addition – and intends to supply more vigorously by starting production at other companies’ plants in Europe and the North. Africa.

It says the goal of the measures is to “effectively protect the company against potential supply disruptions and future supply chain disruptions”, adding that the measures would allow it to double current production if necessary.

Running coveted barriers, semiconductor shortages and shipping snags as well as the lack of wiring harnesses for multinational car brands struggling to build adequate vehicles is another headache.

At Skoda Auto, we’ve been working closely with our partners over the past few weeks to reduce the impact of the war in Ukraine and provide cable harness, “said Kirsten Schneke, a board member for the purchase.

“With great sacrifice, we have been able to resume production in Ukraine in a short period of time and significantly increase production capacity. I would like to thank the entire team and all the suppliers involved for this achievement.

“At the same time, I can assure our Ukrainian partners that we are and will remain fully committed to them. We have the utmost respect for them to continue our supply as the situation permits. “

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