Increased sales of cloth plots, including Australia

Sporty Spanish spinoff of the Volkswagen Group Cloth It plans to increase mega sales by 2025 based on the rollout of three brand new electric vehicles.

What kind of growth? Well, since launching as a standalone brand in 2018 – it was previously a mere division of SEAT – Cupra has sold nearly 200,000 cars, mostly tweaked versions of SEAT staples like Ateca and Leon.

The brand sold a record 79,300 cars in 2021 – 190 percent more than in 2020 – the most popular model Formentor (Cupra’s first base car without SEAT equivalent) sold 54,600 units.

However, in the medium term, its sales target is 5 lakh cars Every yearOutline by CEO Wayne Griffiths, by 2025 the current stabilization of brand-unique cars will be added by Terramar, Tavaskan, and Urbanrebel (says Fermenter Crossover and the new Born EV).

“In the medium term, our goal is to supply 500,000 vehicles per year and move forward with our international expansion into new markets as well as entering new segments,” Mr Griffiths said.

As well as nearly doubling its product range, this goal requires a roughly six-fold increase in textile sales over the next few years. No small task.

Cupra sees Australia as a key growth market as it seeks to expand beyond Europe and will launch in the middle of the year with a range comprising Leon, Ateka and Formentor. The Born will join this range in early 2023.

Griffiths recently said, “We see Australia as a big step that is testing our ability to make Kapra global. “This is an important step towards globalization [and a] The real opportunity to make Kapra global, which we may never get with a seat. “

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