Hyundai Bluelink: 2023 Palisade launches five-year free app connectivity

Hyundai Australia Buyers will soon be able to remotely check the temperature, lock or unlock, and view the location of their vehicle using the smartphone app.

The Bluelink app will debut in 2023 Palisade for Australia and from there will roll out “slowly” across the Hyundai range.

The service will include a five-year subscription with the new Hyundai purchase.

The app lets users find out where their car is parked or find a destination on their phone and send it to the car before getting behind the wheel. A last-mile navigation function allows owners to follow directions to their destination after getting out of the car.

The app, which is available for Android and Apple devices, allows owners to switch to ‘wallet mode’ or activate heated seats from the comfort of their couch. Vehicles with surround-view monitors can send and save live footage through the app.

On electric models, the app allows owners to set charging times for their vehicles and enable climate control.

As is common among competitors, the system will automatically call emergency services in the event of an airbag fire.

Hyundai is not alone in providing smartphone connectivity for its new car range. Ford Australia offers similar functionality across its range, and Toyota continues to expand its reach.

Hyundai has previously offered similar functionality to the Kona EV.

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