How To Find The Best Private Aviation Solution For Your Needs

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How To Find The Best Private Aviation Solution For Your Needs

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Private aviation can be confusing. The claims of private jets to be Uber or Expedia are not supported in practice. It is almost impossible to scale a company with that beautiful website. The deals run dozens of pages. It’s in the purchase of a devil’s description, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s easy to make a costly mistake. However, there is an easy way to find the best options to match your unique flying needs Private Jet Card Comparisons is an independent customer guide that provides services like an unparalleled, updated database and concierge of over 250 programs, designed to help customers find the perfect solution for their unique flying needs.

The searchable online guide helps customers find the best way to fly privately – from on-demand chartering to – flight-by-flight – prepaid jet cards, membership, fractional ownership and full aircraft ownership options. There is even a guide for jet sharing and buy-the-seat private jet providers.

The searchable jet card and membership database covers:

1. Corporate overview

· Institutions
তারিখ Date of establishment
Ownership structure
সংখ্যা Number of employees

2. Product overview and pricing

Where you are based
· Primary and Extended Service Area – Where Can You Fly?
Pricing structure (static / capped or dynamic)
আকার The size of the aircraft
Dedicated aircraft card
· Specific aircraft available
Price by 6 hours
মূল্য Price by currency
· Other values ​​(miles, days)
Program Currency (USD, Euro)
হার One-way hourly rate as per program
Fuel surcharge
ET FET included in the hourly rate
· Quick Compare Flight pricing gives you an estimated flight cost

3. Security

Argus rating
· Wyvern rating
IS-BAO level

4. Policies

Guaranteed availability
Fund expires
Rate lock period
নীতি Return Policy
Escrow account
Liability and risk coverage

5. Fees, surcharges, and discounts

Initiation fee
Annual arrears
· CPI escalator
· CPI escalator frequency
Minimum CPI escalator
D-icing charge
· Taxis are charged on time
Minimum flight time is charged
· Taxi time included or extra
Minimum daily flight time is charged
· Taxi time included or extra
Peak day surcharge
Roundtrip discount
Long flight discount
ছাড় Barefoot

6. Travel planning

Non-peak day reservation lead time
· Peak day reservation lead time
দিন Give annual pick
দিন Give annual blackouts
একাধিক Access to multiple aircraft at the same time during the contract period
Non-peak flight cancellation lead time
· Peak day flight cancellation lead time
ক্ষমতা Ability to upgrade / downgrade the size / type of each aircraft
Upgrade / downgrade blackout
Exchange fee for upgrade / downgrade

7. Travel considerations

FBO Likes
Availability of Wi-Fi
উপলব্ধ Availability of in-flight phone service
· Inclusion of flight attendants in larger jets
লাভ Fully bound gain in light / very light jets
Pet policy
Minimum age for unaccompanied minors
Carbon offset option
Cryptocurrency acceptance

8. Customer support

24/7 support
Lifestyle partnership

The VIP Jet Card Decider service enables customers to request a custom analysis directly from their smartphone, providing a comprehensive overview of the best options.

Like other websites, Private Jet Card Comparison does not sell customer contact information or accept referral fees. Instead, it provides a neutral source of updated customer data.

The database was updated 137 times in 2021 and 40 times so far in 2022.

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