Hill Helicopter brings the glamor of high-end luxury cars in its design for the HX50 –

Hill presented by helicopter.

It takes a quick look at the stunning HX50 to see why it’s attracting the attention of owners at a speed that has surprised Hill Helicopter chief engineer and CEO Jason Hill. And application worldwide.

It’s a helicopter that won’t be out of place in the most hilarious action movie; It is on the deck of a super yacht, on a remote hilltop, on a private island.

379378785 hx50 v227 interior white black 00006

Everything about the HX50 says glamor and luxury and power, but there is more to it than that. For 5 passengers and their luggage to be comfortable in 5 hours flight, traveling at 140 knots and enjoying the view which is not less than exciting, there are some very practical aspects of this aircraft.

In fact, the purpose was to design a helicopter that every pilot would love to fly and would be easy to fly. And so from the beginning the owners have been in close contact with the development progress.

379378717 hx50 v227 interior white black 00002

Going even further back, Jason Hill’s only idea since childhood was to build the first truly private helicopter, and to do so would have shaken up much of the aviation industry. As such, Hill is using the latest technological innovations, designing their own engines, digital cockpits and avionics, and building their own components so that they and their customers get what they want.

379378741 hx50 v227 interior white black 00003

After creating a completely original ownership model for the HX50, Hill has been able to lower the price to a reasonable £ 495,000 (US $ 665,000).

379378383 hx50 v226 hanger white black 00004

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