Gordon Murray works in two electric SUVs

Supercar Automaker will enter the mainstream segment.

Gordon Murray Automotive – the automaker founded by the legendary McLaren F1 designer and named after him – has created waves with its two supercars. The T.50 and T.33 are both old-school combustion-powered sports cars, and both are already sold to the public. With its subsequent products, however, the firm will move into mainstream waters with two fully electric sport utility vehicles.

There has been no official announcement from the company yet, but Gordon Murray himself has recently spoken to Autocar and announced that the two SUVs will “change the way we think about range concerns and vehicle mobility.” It’s hard to say what that means – development is still in its infancy – but it looks like two new models will follow the same basic recipe as the T.50 and T.33. Or, simply put, expect light and air-efficient high-riding machines.

Gordon Murray Automotive T.33

Technical details are scarce at the moment but Murray has shared little information about the nature of at least two SUVs. One of the newer models will have a front-wheel drive with room for four passengers. More expensive would be an all-wheel-drive model with five seats. Both EV SUVs will be reasonably priced and as light as possible.

“It’s not true that a family car regularly weighs 2.5 tons, yet everyone works the way OEMs do,” he said. We think there is a better way, “Murray told Autocar. Both new products will be manufactured according to the so-called iStream production method. The rally could take place in Windlesham, England, where the Gordon Murray Group is investing 300 million (বিনি 377 million at current exchange rates) in a new five-year expansion plan.

The most user-friendly Gordon Murray automotive to date is the T.33 (Picture above). It is a naturally aspiring supercar with daily usability and 607 horsepower (453 kW) that turns the rear wheel into a 3.9-liter V12. However, you can no longer order T.33 because it is already sold out.

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Source: Autocar

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