Gordon Murray is working on two electric SUVs – reports

When Gordon Murray is busy with automotive V12-powered supercars, Designed by Gordon Murray The department is working on a pair of more mainstream electric SUVs

As reported AutocarElectric SUVs “will change the way we think about range concerns and vehicle mobility,” said Gordon Murray.

This means that upcoming electric vehicles (EVs) are expected to follow the same weight-saving, packaging and aerodynamic policies as the current Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA) supercars, but in more mass-market packages.

Although the details are still obscure, Mr Murray explained that one electric SUV would have front wheel drive and four seats, while the other would have all-wheel drive and five seats.

The two SUVs will use a new EV architecture currently being developed by Gordon Murray Design (GMD) and are said to be “priced with accessibility in mind”.

GMA and GMD are both divisions of the Gordon Murray Group.

Two SUVs are said to be manufactured by GMA at its production plant in Windlesham, UK, but one will be sold by GMA and the other will still be sold by an unspecified automaker.

The new EV platform was previously hinted at in May 2021 when announcing a five-year expansion plan and £ 300 million ($ A522.6 million) investment.

At the time, it was described as “a revolutionary, lightweight, highly efficient electric vehicle architecture for the future urban passenger vehicles and delivery vans.”

Gordon Murray has been demonstrating the flexibility and potential of his patented iStream platform technology for a while. It has previously applied it to a quadricycle concept and a lightweight truck for developing markets.

According to GMD, this patented manufacturing process reduces the overall weight of a typical family car by 20 percent and the number of components needed to make body panels by more than 50 percent.

GMA’s current vehicle lineup includes the McLaren F1-inspired T.50 Supercar, the track-centric T.50S, and more daily T.33 Supercars.

All of these vehicles have limited production and each instance has been allocated.

The latest release, the T.33, went on sale about a week after its worldwide release. It has a starting price of £ 1.37 million ($ A2.39 million) and GMA has not yet started production.

The entire Gordon Murray Group is set to set up its new global headquarters in Windslam, UK in 2024.

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