Genesis vehicles are now available at “Gran Turismo”

Genesis has joined the world of “Gran Turismo”, which means fans can now enjoy driving the brand in the virtual world.

Genesis announced Thursday that its G70 sedan is available on the “Gran Turismo 7” which was launched in March for the Sony PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles. This marks the first time that a Genesis car has been made available in a video game

Fans can also drive the X GR3 and G70 GR4 race car concepts that Genesis unveiled last August. The race car is designed by emerging talent Samir Sadikhov, a former Istituto Europa de Design student responsible for some of Rezvani’s lineup and a popular Ferrari F40 remake.

The news has named Genesis as the official producer partner of the Gran Turismo World Series, an ongoing sports competition since 2018. As the official partner, Genesis will compete in the championship with the X GR3 and G70 GR4 concepts. Manufacturers Cup title.

Interestingly, we can see Genesis racing in the real world at some point. The X GR3 and G70 GR4 concepts were originally created to demonstrate the potential that the brand could take to embrace motorsport. And in Thursday’s announcement, Sang Yup Lee, head of the Genesis Global Design Center, said the brand continues to explore its entry into motorsport.

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