Full-on BMW iX M but all sure

BMW just launched its first electric M performance SUV with its iX M60 this week.

This is only the second battery electric M performance car (think BMW M340i), and these are not full-power, hardcore M machines (such as an M3).

There is a big difference, according to Timo Resh, vice president of customer, brand and sales BMW M GmbH.

He said Care Expert Models like the i4 M50 and iX M60 are fast electric vehicles (EVs) at this week’s global launch in Germany, but they are not designed to race track like the petrol-powered siblings of their M4 competition or X5 M competition.

“Introducing a car like the iX M60 means entering the new world of electric M cars at the ‘performance’ level of M products. Both the i4 M50 and iX M60 represent M’s performance, ”he said.

“And that’s perfectly fine, because the BMW M is also known for bringing cars to market that are better equipped, more efficient and have better handling than the regular series models.”

“Then we have high-performance products that offer a lot of strong differences in design, technology and driver response,” Mr. Resh explained.

“We are currently working on fully-electric, high-performance vehicles that are capable of carrying M-badges and that technology is still under development,” he said.

“The dynamic systems we use on the iX M60, such as adaptive suspension, not only provide reliable handling but also provide maximum comfort to long distance passengers. It’s not designed to drive a racetrack. ”

Mr Resh said the dual-air suspension is not a system that would put the BMW M in an SUV capable of performing on track at present. Although he did not blow it up in the future.

“To date, the Air Suspension iX M60 has not been able to cope with the high load you get on the track with a car the size of a car, but we are developing technology that allows us to integrate the air-suspension with more stringent body controls. The system for use in our high-performance M cars – and that means an iX M. ”

BMW M has already announced more details of its upcoming plug-in hybrid XM, which combines a newly-developed V8 petrol engine with an electric motor for 480kW and 800Nm system outputs. These numbers are lower than the numbers produced by the Concept XM, but it is still rated as an accurate M car.

“While the XM’s perfect dimensions are similar to the X7’s, the car looks just as chic as it is a perfect M car, thanks to the suspension setup for tuning and optimization and the level of drivetrain response that makes it one. High-powered M cars, “said Mr. Resh.

“Not just for the purpose of the XM race track, but with the high level of agility, responsiveness and responsiveness that people would expect from a real M car.”

To that end, we hear rumors here in Germany that the BMW M is already working on an XM competition model to increase its power and torque in line with the XM concept.

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