Final McLaren Army XP, published by McLaren Beverly Hills and powered by Pato

An epic unveiling for the equivalent epic McLaren.

McLaren Beverly Hills has just unveiled the fourth and final McLaren Army XP, each to honor iconic moments throughout the Ayrton Army’s multi-level racing career. This final version is called “El Triunfo Absoluto” which translates to “Absolute Victory”. The inspiration behind this model was Cena, who won the championship at the 1989 Formula One Mexican Grand Prix where he took pole position and led the way until victory.

Distinguishing this Senna XP and honoring the event is a long list of customization features that have only been possible for commissioning through McLaren Special Operations (MSO). Exterior features include Accent Red and Mexico Green Leveri, Ayrton Army signature on the driver’s side light socket, Gloss Visual Carbon Fiber, a hand-painted Mexican flag on the rear wing, a stencil effect on the front fender and a blueprint on the inside of this special edition. The Mexican flag embroidered on the interior and the name “EL TRIUNFO ABSOLUTO” on the headrest. MSO BEspoke Extended Carbon Fiber Door The podium also has an airbrushed image of Ayrton Senna on the podium after the 1989 victory. Another feature that may not be noticed by many but not to mention is the accelerator pedal which is laser-HD with the Mexican Grand Prix 1989 track layout.

To unveil the car, McLaren invited Beverly Hills Arrow McLaren SP Indica driver Pato O’Word to inspect the car. If you recall, O’Ward actually dedicated his victory at the Alabama Grand Prix on May 1, 2022, to the Ayrton Army. This is because on the same day, May 1, 1994, the Ayrton Army sadly left. In the video above you can see O’Word behind the wheel of Army XP for yourself.

McLaren Senna XP “El Triunfo Absoluto” is a great way to end this exclusive launch of Hypercar. It follows three equally gorgeous examples, including “Monaco Master”, “Lap of the Gods” and “Home Victory”. Each of these four McLaren Army XPs was commissioned through McLaren Beverly Hills and was designed in collaboration with customers. These are excellent examples of MSO’s capabilities and McLaren Beverly Hills’ dedication to customer demand.

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