Fight Lexus LFA on Lamborghini Huracan STO and drag strip

Modern V10 legends cross paths and play rivals.

The V10 engine is not very common in the automotive world. It is usually reserved, as it should be, for vehicles that require a lot of power, or world-class supercars that use the engine to its full potential when it comes to performance and of course noise. The V10 Engine Note is one that is undoubtedly recognized, and when a supercar uses one, it instantly becomes an icon. The Lamborghini Huracan STO and the Lexus LFA are both amazing examples, two cars that we know and love not only for their incredible V10 sound and performance, but also for their style, performance and innovation.

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The YouTube channel Throttle House has teamed up with them to race, and this is a perfect excuse to hear the roar of two cars, even if they don’t have much reason to. The LFA famously thanks Symphonic for lending a hand in the acoustic engineering department from Yamaha, and Lamborghini Huracan is also exciting. Both cars are powered by rear-wheel drive and the naturally ambitious V10, however, the Huracan STO is nearly a decade new, with a mid-mounted engine and increased power and torque compared to the Lexus.

Since leaving, it has been pretty clear that Huracan is going to win the STO race, especially considering the inability of drivers to use launch control in the LFA so as not to damage the expensive clutch. However, this is a rare occasion where the race is not about which car crosses the line first. Rather, it’s about celebrating the V10 engine and the legendary cars that own it.

Source: YouTube / Throttle House

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