Ferrari’s first cavalcade icon combines 80 Ferrari Manjas

Rare and unique Ferraris combine to create even more rare phenomena.

The first Cavalcade Icona is an upcoming collection of the most exclusive cars made by Ferrari. The Icona Series is a group of limited production Ferraris that showcases a bold aspect of the Ferrari brand that pays homage to its long and storied legacy of motorsport and automotive worldwide. The Monza SP1 and SP2 are the first cars to be launched in the Icona series starting in 2018, the timeless beautiful Barchetas that heard the race cars of the past and the inaugural Cavalcade Icona will bring together 80 Ferrari Manzas from more than 20 countries. Start the journey from Milan to Fiorano.

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The event is exclusive to the owners of these incredible cars, and it makes for quite a small group, as these cars are already incredibly rare, and from June 11 to June 16, 80 of them will travel to Italy for the biggest celebration. Ferrari has always held the brand of tradition and history. With an exhibition of Ferrari history and a rich experience of art, culture and the Ferrari lifestyle, this event fulfills the biggest dream of any Ferrari fan.

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