Ferrari Roma Cuio has finished British racing in Verde on leather

A modern day Ferrari is a historic paint scheme game.

Although most modern-day Ferrari models have rear-facing engines, the Italian supercar maker continues to vindicate its humble beginnings with a line of front-engine examples that boasts a lot of extended front edges. The Ferrari Roma emerges as a new addition to the brand, showcasing completely new designs packed with sophisticated performance and technology. Fort Lauderdale Ferrari’s printing horse professionals are keen to feature this stunning 2022 Ferrari Roma as part of the Italian Supercar’s extensive new and pre-owned inventory..

British racing ends in Verde

Roma d

The exterior of Roma features a vibrant Verde British racing finish, a historic paint code that completely transforms the look of specialty.. It is named after the famous deep green UK International Motor Racing Ring. Yellow printing adds a series of contrasting horse badges and shields while incorporating chrome, gloss and matte exterior trim elements. Roma has a set of silver split-spokes, with shiny black Ferrari brake calipers that flush the back of lightweight wheels.

Cuio Leather Interior with Black Highlights

Roma 2

With a sophisticated exterior, the same thinking applies to Ferrari Roma driver-based interiors. A pair of classic Ferrari Daytona seats feature Roma’s gorgeous Cuio brown leather and black design., Which flows across dash, center console and door inserts. The use of lightweight carbon fiber also finds its way into interior trim elements, highlighting Ferrari’s craftsmanship and attention to detail. A carbon fiber Ferrari flat-bottom sport steering wheel serves as the main control center of the Roma, where driving dynamics, media and safety control are all in the driver’s hands.

Twin-turbocharged 3.9L V8 (612hp / 561lb-ft)

Roma d

The front engine delivers Roma Ferrari’s 3.9L twin-turbocharged V8 uses 612-horsepower and 561-pound-feet of torque on its rear wheels.. An ultra-responsive 8-speed DCT transmission helps the Roma turn from 0-60 to just 3.4-seconds, taking its maximum speed to a stunning 199mph. This 2022 Ferrari Roma from Ferrari in Fort Lauderdale is currently available at the Dupont Registry. Click on the link below to see the Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale inventory for more information. Check the Dupont Registry again to check out more upcoming Spec Specials.

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